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Irresistible Press is a small publisher out of Wyoming. Our books are published in all popular eBook formats, and paperback and hardcover as well,. You can buy these titles—both eBooks and paper—here at our website, at your favorite online retailers, and from independent bookstores. We are part of the Ingram distribution network. Any bookstore can order our titles. Bulk purchases of paperbacks and hardcover titles can also be made directly from our website.
FEATURED BOOK: Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns. Special Eclipse Totality edition. Start with the first volume in the Armageddon Story; Judgment, Interrupted series by Craige McMillan. Strong characters and an amazing storyline will grip you from the beginning. The parallels to our time in history are incredible! Now with a special eclipse prologue that takes you back in time with the first Native Alaskans as they journey across the land bridge from Siberia..

STORYLINE: This special 2017 solar eclipse edition of Reconnaissance: The Creator Returns, takes you back into a much earlier solar eclipse over Siberia and Alaska. That event shook Archiel's native tribe to its core. You will be there, through an extensive prologue written by the series author. Now another eclipse has occurred. Does this signal an equally momentus event near in the tribe's future?

A mysterious streak of light cuts through the sky. Those it touches see the past and the future together, but the memory soon fades. The American military investigates, but finds nothing…

MacKenzie Jo, by Kandice Bowe BRAND NEW: MacKenzie Jo, by Kandice Bowe. Life will bring people into your life that make it better, brighter, joyous and help you find your better self. This book is a perfect example of meeting a special person, having to say goodbye and finding the greatness,lessons and happiness left behind by that person.
OUR BOOK CATALOG: We currently have two imprints. Revelare, our first fiction imprint, is taken from the old Latin, and means to reveal. Our children's line is DoodleCake. Children's author Kandice Bowe has teamed with an illustraitor to produce a series of beautiful, origional pictures that together with simple words deliver a story with strong, positive affirmations! You and your children will enjoy these books again and again.
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Author Kandice Bowe. Copyright 2017 by Kandice Bowe. All Rights Reserved. Irresistible Press author, used with permission.
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