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Each week the site can be altered to show current arrivals or new services and products. Here is an example using furniture as the product, where the "new arrivals" link is active.

Kandice Bowe works with an amazing illustrator, Alexandra Stefanel-Bejenaru (Tatu), who brings her stories to life with incredible detail and beautiful depictions!

Kandice is also a dedicated mother, wife and outdoor enthusiast! With encouragement from her readers, friends and family she is happily working on becoming a full time children's book author! Her goal is to encourage and inspire children of all ages to be confident in who they are. email.

Craige McMillan conceived the Armageddon Story; Judgment, Interrupted novel series over a ten-year incubation period. He self-published volumes one and two. We have acquired the worldwide rights for the series and redesigned the books to fit our Revelare imprint. The first two books are being released Feb. 1, 2017. His newest title, Absolution: The Singularity. The Final Solution to God, Guilt and Grief will be out Feb. 17, 2017. This is a compelling and timely series unlike anything we have ever seen! His website is here.

Irresistible Press author Craige McMillan, creator of the Armageddon Story; Judgment, Interrupted novel series

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What's next? We are adding a non-fiction imprint and will be publishing our first title later this year.

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